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Better Experience, Better Value

Every training course enriches your experience and allows you to do more with confidence.

Take advantage of our highly recommended training packages that together will give you more than the sum of its parts.

Bundle discounts are for training only. Educational materials, equipment, travel, charters, and certification cards are not discounted.


10% OFF

Most recreational dive sites, resorts, and charters feature diving at 100' or less. Open Water gets you in the water, Advanced allows you to see it all, and EAN/Nitrox gives you more time to enjoy what you came to see.


This package includes:

  • Advanced Open Water

  • EAN / Nitrox

Requires: Open Water


$50 OFF

It's happening! The exciting trip, the exotic location, the incredible diving. Make sure you're prepared to enjoy every minute of it.


These specialties offer a foundation needed for most charters, dive resorts, and travel locations. Being comfortable gearing up on and diving from a BOAT lets you focus on the adventure. DSMB provides added safety, and some dives require them. EAN/NITROX can extend your dive time. FISH ID helps you identify what you see. PPB helps you look and feel like a pro, and not negatively impact the environment. NAVIGATOR gets you around and back at the end of the dive. WRECK teaches you how to safely enjoy some of the most intriguing dive sites you'll see.

This package includes your choice of any 3 of these specialties:

  • DSMB Diver

  • EAN / Nitrox

  • Equipment Specialist

  • Fish Identification

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy

  • Underwater Navigator

  • Wreck Diver


$100 OFF

Prepare yourself to join the elite few and achieve what fewer than 2% of divers obtain, the Master Scuba Diver rating. Learn new skills, try specialized equipment, and enjoy the rich diversity of activities that specialties offer. Master Scuba Diver certification requires 5 specialty certifications. Choose the specialties that follow your passions and take the next step towards completing the Master Scuba Diver challenge.

This package includes:

  • Any 5 Specialty courses of your choice that qualify for the MSD certification


$200 OFF

Go where few divers can go

See what few divers ever see

Stay longer than most divers can stay

Share stories that few people have ever heard

Some divers want to see what's deeper. Some divers just want to stay down longer. Some want to continue challenging themselves. Some are preparing for even more advanced diving. Whatever drives you, technical diving will greatly improve your knowledge and skills while allowing you to do things others only dream of.


This package includes:

  • Tec 40

  • Tec 45

  • Tec 50

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